Mindmaps using ChatGPT and PlantUML

7 min readFeb 2

In my previous 2 part series on using Mermaid.js with ChatGPT to build system diagrams (part 1 and part 2), we looked at the capabilities of ChatGPT to build sequence, activity, state and C4 models.

I got interested to explore this further, and here is my next series on building more sophisticated diagrams with ChatGPT using PlantUML

PlantUML lets you create a wide range of diagrams from text descriptions. In its current state, it can support Gantt charts, mindmaps, concept diagrams and more, in addition to all UML diagrams

I was particularly interested in building MindMaps, so here's my first post of the PlantUML series. My interaction with ChatGPT and using it to create MindMaps with PlantUML

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Introduction to Mindmaps

Prompt: What's a mindmap
ChatGPT: A mind map represents ideas or information organized around a central concept or key idea. Mind maps are often used to visually organize information and create a clear structure for thoughts and concepts. The nodes in a mind map can branch out to show relationships between ideas. They can be colour-coded, labelled with icons, or annotated with text to clarify the relationships further. Mind maps are commonly used in note-taking, brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making, as they help to capture and organize thoughts visually and intuitively.

Basic MindMap

Prompt: Okay, Let's start by creating a simple MindMap on the topic of Artificial Intelligence
Can you give the mindmap in PlantUML format. Keep it structured from the core central topic branching out to other domains and sub-domains. Let's go to 4 levels to begin with. Add the start and end mindmap tags and keep it expanding on one side for now
ChatGPT: Sure, here's a simple mind map of the topic "Artificial Intelligence" in PlantUML format, with four levels

* Artificial Intelligence
** AI Technologies
*** Machine Learning
**** Supervised Learning
**** Unsupervised Learning
**** Reinforcement Learning
*** Natural Language Processing (NLP)
**** Sentiment Analysis
**** Part-of-Speech Tagging
**** Named Entity Recognition

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